Diary © Arnold Schönberg Center

With the transcription and indexing of Schönberg’s calendars from the years 1937 and 1938, which can now be viewed via the image archive, we receive multifaceted insights into Schönberg’s daily and weekly routines after his move to Brentwood Park.

In May 1936, the Schönberg family moved into a house with a garden at 116 North Rockingham Avenue, Brentwood Park, Los Angeles. Schönberg became the owner in spring 1937.

“Dearest Trudi, I’m writing quickly to say that we have moved at last and we have received our furniture […] We have found a beautiful house with a garden; it is relatively very cheap. We can only have it for a year because it is to be sold. That is a snag, but in America one takes it lightly.” (Arnold Schönberg to his daughter Gertrude Schönberg Greissle, May 21, 1936)

In 1938 Schönberg gave a summer evening concert in San Diego on July 26, where he conducted the orchestral version of “Transfigured Night” and his arrangements of Johannes Brahms’ Piano Quartet in G minor and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major in the Ford Bowl, Balboa Park. The audience was able to prepare for the evening by reading a brief interview.

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